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Recommendation: Last Supper in Pompeii (Oxford, Ashmolean Museum)

During the International Conference on Patristic Studies in this August, I visited the special exhibition “Last Supper in Pompeii” in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. To visit the exhibition is highly recommended to all who are interested in meals in the the Greek-Roman world. The exhibition provides hundreds of well preserved remains of ancient dining cultur. Among them carbonized loaf of bread and many other groceries, interior of ancient dining rooms, dishes and so on.



Forthcoming: T&T Clark Handbook to Early Christian Meals in the Greco-Roman World

We are happy to announce the forthcoming publishing of T&T Clark Handbook to Early Christian Meals in the Greco-Roman World edited by Soham Al-Suadi and Peter-Ben Smit. The book will be available at the beginning of 2019.

From the description of the publisher:

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“Meals are a highly significant element in the development of Christian identity. In this handbook Soham Al-Suadi and Peter-Ben Smit present chapters that situate early Christian meals in their broader context, with a focus on the core topics that will help us to understand Greco-Roman meal practice and how this relates to Christian origins. The issues covered include: the role of gender during meals; issues of monotheism and polytheism that arise from the structure of the meal; how sacrifice is understood in different meal practices; power dynamics during the meal and issues of inclusion and exclusion at meals.

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