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Call for Paper Denver 2022

The MGRW seminar has planned three sessions for 2022: a) (Proposals are welcome for this session.) A session on non-canonical sources and meals which have not yet been the focus of the seminar’s attention. In what ways do the so-called apocryphal writings reflect lived meal practices in early Christianity? How do these sources fit into the dynamic development of the early Christian communal meal as it evolves into the Eucharist as an act of individual appropriation of salvation in late antiquity? This session is co-sponsored by the Redescribing Christian Origins seminar which have also planned another, more general session on non-canonical sources. Please see the CFP of the Redescribing Christian Origins group for more details. b) The second session on meals in Matthew and in John’s Revelation is a postponed session from 2021. c) The third session is by invitation only and features interaction between churches in the Republic of Korea practicing worship meals based on their understanding and research of early Christ people meals of the first and second centuries, and SBL scholars. This group of churches, led by the Yega Presbyterian Church in Seoul, translated and published in Korea the book, In the Beginning Was the Meal: Social Experimentation and Early Christian Identity (Hal Taussig, Fortress, 2009). MGRW subscribes to SBL’s Professional Conduct Policy and is committed to SBL’s core values, particularly those of critical inquiry, inclusivity, accountability, and professionalism.

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