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Open Call for Paper San Antonio 2021

The MGRW seminar has planned two sessions for 2021: a) an open session, the first we’ve done in a very long time. We encourage those interested to consult our website in order to gain a sense of what topics have and have not been pursued by this seminar and how. We are very much looking forward to your proposals. b) The second session is by invitation only and features interaction between churches in the Republic of Korea practicing worship meals based on their understanding and research of early Christ people meals of the first and second centuries, and SBL scholars. This group of churches, led by the Yega Presbyterian Church in Seoul, translated and published in Korea the book, In the Beginning Was the Meal: Social Experimentation and Early Christian Identity (Hal Taussig, Fortress, 2009). The 20-year-academic trajectory of the early Christ people meals and of the SBL Seminar on Meals in the Greco-Roman world will be the subject of the first paper. The second paper will be a cross-cultural study by a group from the Korean churches and American scholars examining Christian vocabularies about worship-related meals: eucharist, communion, Lord’s supper, agape, and symposium. Third will be a description and visual presentation of “The Revolution of 21st Century Korean Church Worship Meals”. Finally, Korean Church representatives will describe their experience of the relationship between their 21st century church meals in relationship to the meals of Christ people in the first and second century.