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Virtual Session 2020

The MGRW seminar is hosting one virtual session within the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting of the SBL. We cordially invite you to attend. The program of the session:

Meals in the Greco-Roman World
10:00 AM (3 PM GMT; 4PM WET) to 12:00 PM (5 PM GMT; 6pm WET)

Theme: Meals and Water Rites/Meals, Affect, and Religious Experience

Chan Sok Park, College of Wooster, Presiding

Henrike Dilling, University of Rostock
Water Rites as Structuring Elements in Ancient Meals: An Examintaion of the Footwashing in John 12 and 13 (25 min)
Tag(s): Greece and Hellenism (History & Culture), New Testament (Ideology & Theology), Gospels – John (Biblical Literature – New Testament)

Paul Olatubosun Adaja, Loyola University of Chicago
The Cup and the Development of Bread-and-Water Eucharist (25 min)
Tag(s): 1 Esdras (Biblical Literature – Deuterocanonical Works)

Nils Neumann, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Gender Role Conflicts, Violence, and Emotions in Ancient Symposia (25 min)
Tag(s): Gospels – Luke (Biblical Literature – New Testament), Social-Scientific Approaches (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology) (Interpretive Approaches), Narrative Criticism (Interpretive Approaches)

Susan Marks, New College of Florida, Respondent (20 min)